We are fine and ‘nit free’, Thank you!

We had a great experience and will certainly not hesitate to refer you to our friends!!!  We plan on coming back regularly for head checks this summer as well!!!  Wishing you lots of continued success.  ~ Happy Mom, NJ

I wanted to Thank You for Coming to My Aid a Few Weeks Ago…

in Ramsey when my daughter was complaining of an itchy head.  Your advice was terrific and my daughter has not been complaining since we stopped using the ‘lice prevention’ shampoo and started using conditioner! ~ Happy Mom, NJ 

 What a Find!

I was so excited and relieved to walk into your facility.  It gave me and the girls a great piece of mind to walk out of there feeling ‘Lice’ and ‘Stress’ free after a long week of trying to get rid of it.  I’m lucky that I stumbled across you and I definitely hope that you can spread the word to the doctors and the schools about your services as it really bothers me that no one recommended this…

Thanks for being so patient with the kids as well. ~ Happy Mom, NJ 

 I can’t thank you enough for all of your help during  what started out as a very stressful and upsetting situation…

Through your kind patience and valuable insight, you made an unpleasant situation bearable.  I think the work you are doing is so important;  especially the education of not only the general public but local school administrators and medical staff.  I really appreciate that you take the time to educate your clients about how common lice is and to not feel embarrassed or ashamed for having it.  Being a kid is hard enough without other things like lice getting in the way…

I will ABSOLUTELY recommend your business to anyone I know who needs help.  ~ Happy Mom, NJ

My feedback is extremely positive!

Your facility is comfortable, clean and perfect for children (and adults).  The service was exeptional.  I have already passed on your information to numerous people, including the Director of my daughters’ school. 

I cannot thank you enough for making our lice experiance a bearable one. ~Happy Mom, NJ

I’m more than satisfied with the service you have provided.

You have offered me relief and reprieve of a horrible situation.  I thank you so much for your kindness, professionalism, and client-centered service.  I greatly appreciate it. ~Happy Client, NJ

Absolutely the best place on earth!

Great job removing lice and very clean and pleasant atmosphere.~ Happy Mom, NJ

I am happy to say that I had a wonderful exeperience at Head to Head.

My daughter is now lice free and I can’t thank you enough for combing her out and also checking me to give me some piece of mind.  We had a horrendous three weeks with two over the counter treatments and combing.  I knew there was no way I was going a third round of the over the counter treatment method.  I was thrilled to find out that your treatment center existed.  The patience and professionalism you showed was amazing.  I am so happy to know that there are more natural methods to get rid of lice as opposed to the chemicals out there.  I am thankful that your products for sale such as the combs and mints spray.  Those are very helpful items to have.  Your business card will forever be in my wallet and I will definately recommend your facility.  It is not just the treatments with situations like these, but also the compassion that is shown, and Head to Head gets an A+ from me in that department.~Happy Mom, NJ

Thank you for your services…

Your expertise with handling children is appreciated and impressive.  Thank you!~ Happy Mom, NJ

Thank you so much for your help with lice treatment…

being 8 months pregnant it wasn’t easy for me when this showed up in my girls hair.  Thank for your professionalism and help removing all the lice and nits.  The kids really felt at ease with you and your staff which helped the process of removing the lice.  Thanks again~ Happy Mom-NY

You all were pleasure to deal with…

and I HIGHLY recommend your services!  I also recommended you to the school system!!

thank you!~Happy Mom, NJ