Friendly Confidential Service at One of Centers or the Comfort of Your Home

Lice removal at our center is child-friendly, inviting and comfortable. We use the latest equipment and non-toxic, pesticide/chemical free products that are truly safe, natural, and effective.

We use The Shepherd Method of lice removal, our process is 100% effective. It begins with professional and careful screening of all family members including regular visitors to your home. Once an occurrence is confirmed, we will discuss the various treatment options.


Treatment Options Include:

  • Treatment In Our Center
  • Treating yourself at home using our safe and effective products designed for this use.
  • Be Treated ‘in’ your home by using our In-home Lice Treatment Service


All our services are 100% guaranteed! And we provide individual and family support throughout the entire process in order to gain 100% customer satisfaction.
911/Emergency Service and Same Day Appointments are also available for your convenience.